Enchanted Soy Candles & Gifts


Peaceful Life filled with Love, Gratitude and Beautiful Soy Candles

My family moved to beautiful Cockatoo in the Dandenong Ranges in 2013. We have settled into a peaceful life up here with a lifestyle that brings much happiness due to its simplicity and enchanting appeal. Surrounded by trees and nature I started making Soy Candles in 2016. My passion and love for Soy Candles lies in the comfort and joy fragrance can bring to us due to the memories it evokes or just the effect the fragrance has on us to help us relax, calm, soothe or feel happy, uplifted. I love Soy Wax as it is a natural wax made from the oil of soybeans and is free of toxins. I also have a passion for all things relating to Mother Nature, Animals and the Magical and Mystical. Thank you for being here and being part of my life

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