Herbal Teas Australia


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Herbal Teas Australia is an Australian owned and operated company that produces certified organic herbal teas that are designed and hand-crafted to help people overcome their health issues and enjoy the healing benefits of herbal teas.


Buy 3 packets of IMMUNE tea and we give you the 4th packet for FREE!

1 pkt – for you as your health is important going into the winter season

2 pkt – share with your family and people you care about, ideal for everyone including children of all ages.

3 pkt – share with friends and people important in your life, surround yourself with positive, healthy people
4 pkt – FREE packet to pass on to someone you know who is vulnerable. There are many people who are experiencing financial difficulties, a lonely neighbour, someone seriously ill and some people who the crisis has triggered emotional issues.

Please be kind, a small gesture can make the world of difference to someone.No special code needed, just order 3 packets on the online Shop and we will add the 4th pkt to your parcel.