Unique Essence Aromatherapy

At Unique Essence Aromatherapy we offer a premium range of aromatherapy products for increased health and wellbeing. These products have been designed and created to nourish the soul, rejuvenate the body, enrich the mind, and soothe the heart. Allow yourself to be infused with the healing qualities of mother nature as you relax, rejoice and experience a life filled with peace, light, love and joy.

All of our beautiful products are 100% natural, handmade, homemade and all come with that extra special ingredient called love. Tested on humans, they are cruelty free and all the ingredients are plant based. They contain no nasty chemicals and contain no sulphate or paraffins.

Leeanne Hughes, the owner and creator of Unique Essence Aromatherapy is a qualified Aromatherapist with a Diploma Health Science (Aromatherapy) and Classical Yoga Teacher.

“Spoil yourself with love and infuse your soul with nature”

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