Serendipity Dog Bed covers was started back in 1997 by Trish and Chris Bellerby as a “lucky” accident.  


Their dog had suffered from hip dysplasia and they purchased a hammock bed with a hessian cover.  The cover soon started to sag and it became difficult for her to climb out of the bed. 

Trish was wanting to provide the best possible comfort of her dog and took a trip to the local remnant shop.  She created the cover you now know and love today because of this.

Five years after her initial creation for her beloved pet and due to ill health it was decided to try to market the cover, giving Trish something to do from home. Once again a “lucky” accident.

Serendipity Dog Beds & Covers have been supplying dog beds direct to the public as well as vets, kennels and breeders for over 16 years.

Serendipity Dog Beds & Covers continues to provide quality dog beds direct to the public and I look forward to continuing to provide the same service and quality over the coming years.

Jean Bailey – Owner.